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Since 1984 I have been providing technology consulting services to law firms, law departments, and government agencies in the United States, Central America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  For the last 10 years my focus has been design and deployment of Practice Management and Document Management systems.  The investment in technology infrastructure by law firms has grown steadily for the last decade.  Managing the explosive growth of data generated with work product, Email, and eDiscovery has taxed the capacity of many firms.

I have developed a very focused planning and design approach to deployment of off-the-shelf software products that address these issues, and help firms regain control over their data management challenges. I work with your attorneys, staff, and administrative managers to create clear and budget sensitive deployment plans and my projects have a great track record for coming in at or under budget.
If you feel like you're not getting the most bang for your technology investment buck, please contact me here:  paul@paulconsults.com - or by phone: 505.898.0710


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Will you upgrade to Office 2016?

What else can possibly be done to make this suite of products any better?  Redesign the ribbon??  Yikes!!!!  Here's an interesting take on the state of the art ...


Solid State Drives & Reliability 

Do you have a solid state drive in your Windows notebook PC?  If you don't you should consider an upgrade.  The price continues to drop on these devices and you can now have a whopping 1 TB of data storage for under $500.  With no moving parts these drives are very fast.  But research your options carefully.   Are they as reliable as those spinning drives we've used for years?   Here's a good post on the topic.  In four years I've had one drive failure and the drive was replaced under warranty.  That's on par with those MTBF numbers for the spindle drives.  Read more here

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